MGX/100WRSB- White Rubber High Temperature with Roller Bearings


Stainless Steel-High Temperature- White Ditherm RXT
Capacity: 260
Temperature: -40°F +572°F
RoHS – REACh compliant, and the permanent lubrication has been approved by FDA-USDA for contact with foods.

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The DITHERM RXT wheels are manufactured to resist to a range of temperatures between -40°C and +300°C. This Wheel features a high resistance to water, most solvents, oils, acids and chemicals, excellent fire-smoke-toxicity properties and are fully certified for use in bakery and food industry, and for oven application requiring temperature of exercise up to +300°C.

Additional information

Wheel Caster

4" X 1-1/4"


The white rubber tyre is mechanically bonded to the wheel core, and the coupling is further strengthened by a surface adhesion which is obtained without the use of any glue or vulcanization such as for almost any competition product.


Protects Floors of Every Type
Rough Epoxy, Tile, Stained Concrete, etc.
+572°F to -40°F Temperature Range
260 lbs. load capacity
Last longer than hard wheels
Maintenance Free
304 Stainless-Steel heavy-duty brackets


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