Superlan Wheel Casters MD Total Lock Series


The D-NAMIC series represents the highest expression of quality wheels, specifically developed and manufactured for this specific field of application.



D-NAMIC wheels are recommended in a range of industries thanks to its resistance to inactivation microorganisms that requires antimicrobial treatments, carried out through hot water or steam or through the application of disinfectants.

Additional information

Wheel Diameter

MD/117RX-FR2AX-A1 – 3" x 1-5/16", MD/118RX- FR2AX-A1 – 4" x 1-5/16", MD/118RX- FR2AX-A2 – 4" x 1-5/16", MD/119RX- FR2AX-A1 – 5" x 1-3/8", MD/119RX20- FR2AX-A2 – 5" x 1-5/8", MD/121RX- FR3AX-A2 – 6" x 1-5/8", MD/123RX- FR2AX-A2 – 8" x 2"


Stainless Steel Total Lock

Superlan Wheel

Stainless Steel roller bearings and spanner


Food processing plant
Food service equipment
Stock and maintenance carts
Baking carts


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